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Design and manufacture of transformers with low and medium power

Single phase transformers up to 50kVA

Unitraf JSC is the leading and well-established company in its sector, has been producing various types dry type transformers, chokes and traction battery chargers since 1962. The gained experience and made investments in technologically modern appliance provide the high quality, functionality and reliability of the production.

Design and manufacture of various dry types transformers for power from 5VA to 100kVA.

Metalworking  is the second major activity of  Unitraf JSC.

Telephone: +359 66 800318     Fax: +359 67 222275     Mobile: +359 899912705
The company is certified ISO 9001-2008 quality which guarantees that Unitraf JSC will satisfy the unique requirements of customers in the country and abroad. The company Unitraf offers a wide range of opportunities for the production of cooperative pieces tailored to the requirements of the customers.